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“There are always two people in every picture:  the photographer and the viewer.” 

Ansel Adams


"Such beautiful photo greeting cards!! Each has uniqueness to it and hard to pick the best one. It is hard to part with any one of them.  Still I keep going back to the stone house with golden brushes and the starry sky.  I thought this was a sunrise photo in somewhere on the East Coast.  I collect sunsets and Dan has a special touch for timing.  All so beautiful.  Thank you so much."

Sam & Pat M.

Solana Beach, CA

"So many masterpieces in your magnificent collection of photos! My husband and I have not stopped talking about how amazing your photography is! We saw your photos, then went to your [About] page that tells how you view your photos. And we found the very words that we were using to describe your photos! That means you really do actualize your imagination and inner feelings thru your photography. What a gift that is! And how deeply fulfilling it must be for you! My husband said he thought you must spend a great deal of time in nature to be able to hike out and get these shots. We really admire the amazing majesty and beauty of nature that you share and that gives us such a closeness to nature, which our hearts long for. They really do succeed in connecting us back to our roots. Thank you for sharing them and for sharing this part of yourself!! Your photos are jaw dropping! Gorgeous!"

Shannon P.

Solana Beach, CA

"Thanks very much for sharing your photos.… VERY impressive! You've done a great job of telling your story, and of describing your inspiration. The site is especially nice as it is very personal and representative of the photographer. Your style is distinctive and your work speaks for itself."

Mark M.

Rancho Santa Fe, CA

"Unbelievable !!! Really! I have spent a lifetime studying and admiring great creative talent.  Dan - you are one. Not just in the spectacular photos you produce, but in the way you carry yourself out in the wild.  The Mountie always gets his man, i.e., The Mounties are the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and they have a reputation for catching criminals they are after. You are always in hot pursuit of a great shot - with great passion and skill.  Great to see the spectacular results of the things we saw, only exceeded by the sight man himself catching the great shots with a vision of what he can make of them.  e.g., the shots you just sent us. Incredible!! Thanks Dan!" 

Nick L.

Rancho Santa Fe, CA

"Your photography is incredible. I love your photos. I am a big fan of photographic art. Your pictures are beautiful and moving."

Jan I.

Solana Beach, CA

"Oh my goodness! That is absolutely stunning!!! I could stay on your website all day and would love to own the book you will no doubt publish. I wish I had more wall. I sent the link to your website to my sister and she feels the same. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world."

Gail S.

Solana Beach, CA

"Am I impressed! (OK, maybe a little jealous too). You have done an exceptional job in creating this website and it certainly is one of the best I have ever seen. Not only is the content top notch, but the way the site flows makes it very nice to view."

Larry T.

West Virginia

"Wow ! This is over-the-top amazing! Absolutely beautiful and a wonderful expression of your heart!"

Paula T.

Del Mar, CA

"Your photos are stunning!  Dan, you have such talent and a creative view.  WOW.! I am so impressed.  We need to get together and discuss a marketing plan. I've got some great ideas that might help. I will need to get your autograph...Seriously!"

Ann K.

Del Mar, CA

“Great website! Beautiful photos! The body of your work has really grown. I love the energy and movement you capture!”

Nancy H.

Rancho Bernardo, CA

"Absolutely gorgeous images!"

Scott P.

Solana Beach, CA

“Wow! I love your work. Everything looks great.”

Jeff G.

Fort Collins, CO

"After viewing these exquisite photos and trying to identify what it is that they cause me to feel (I definitely have an interaction with your photos!), I have come to the understanding that your photography is transforming. It affects my consciousness at a deep level. It feels like I'm being connected with something beyond form, through your view of nature. Is it creation itself? It feels deeply familiar. It feels primordial and like an origin point. You have something very very special, Dan! It's powerful.I love viewing your works. There's something very healing about it."

Shannon P.

Solana Beach, CA

"I thought I had a few good photos until I saw yours!!! Beautiful! You should be selling these for a lot more money!"

Candice R.

Solana Beach, CA

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