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4th St Bridge-City LA1, Los Angeles
San Diego Embarcadero
Full Moon over San Diego 1a
Skyscrapers LA7, Los Angeles
LA Skyscrapers5
LA Cityscape6
Skyscrapers LA6, Los Angeles
LA Cityscape7
LA Skyscrapers4
LA Skyscrapers3
LA Cityscape5
LA Skyscrapers2
LA Cityscape2
Skyscrapers LA5, Los Angeles
LA Skyscrapers1
Night photo, San Diego skyline
LA Cityscape3
Cityscape Sunset2, San Diego
LA Cityscape4
Skyscrapers LA8, Los Angeles
Cityscape Sunset Rainbow1, San Diego
4th St Bridge-Westin,  Los Angeles
SD Harbor Drive
Cityscape Night1 San Diego
Skyscrapers LA1, Los Angeles
SD Harbor Marina3, San Diego Marina
Skyscrapers LA4, Los Angeles
San Diego Skyline at Dusk
Skyscrapers LA3, Los Angeles
SD Harbor Marina2, San Diego Marina
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