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Matt Granger 

Tutorials, workshops, videos, competitions, critques, events,

photo shoots, and inspiration.



Beginner Photographers: 50+ Tips & Resources

How to save $$ and how to use photo equipment

(Thank you, Amelia!)





Max Yuryev

Consultation on gear, workstation, workflow, and travel coaching.





Michael the Mentor

Photo lessons, forums, and blog.





Chris Gampat

Useful photography tips and instruction.






Resource Magazine

Gear reviews, travel resources, and blog.





Gear reviews, buyer's guide, and many forums on various

photographic topics.



SonyAlpha Rumors

Latest equipment releases and reviews.





Hugh Brownstone

"Three Blind Men and an Elephant" - Gear reviews and blog.





Gear reviews, photo / digital industry updates,

blogs on various topics.





Tools of the trade and blog.





Dave Dougdale

DSLR video and blog.





Tutorials, equipment reviews, and inspiration.






Latest photographic industry news, popular photos, and education.

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