Sunsets / Sunrises

The edges of the day

Sunset Delicate Arch1
Sunrise Two JacK Lake2_HDR
Sunrise Arch-Mt Whitney1 3-30-18
Sunrise Pyrmid Lake4_HDR
El Matador Beach Sunset1 2-13-18
Sunrise Two JacK Lake3_HDR
Full Moon Mt Whitney Range1 3-30-18
Sunrise Two JacK Lake4_HDR_1
Sunset Mono Lake Tufa6
Sunrise Pyrmid Lake1
Kaanapali Sunset1
Sunrise Pyrmid Lake3_HDR
Sunset Mono Lake 12-13-17 2
Sunrise Pyrmid Lake2_HDR
Sunset LSFCC 2016-09-07
Sunrise Two JacK Lake1_HDR
Sunset Mono Lake Tufa1
Sunrise Mt. Rundle1_HDR
Napili Kai Sunset1
Sunrise Mt. Rundle2_HDR
Sunrise Seaport Marriott1
Sunset Mono Lake Tufa3
JoshuaTree Juniper Sunset1
Sunrise Mt Whitney Range1 3-30-18
Sunset Mono Lake Tufa5
Napili Kai Sunrise1
Sunrise Arch-Mt Mallory1 3-30-18
Sunset Mono Lake Tufa4
Coast Hwy Deer Creek Rd Night1
Cityscape Sunset1 San Diego
Sunset Mono Lake Tufa2
MM Sunset1 sunrays
Sunrise Mt Whitney1 3-30-18
Hollywood Sunset1
Full Moon over Hotel Del1 Coronado
JoshuaTree Sunset2
Torrey Pines1sunrays
Minarets Sunset1 sunrays
Scripps Pier1, La Jolla sunset
Sunset Mono Lake 12-13-17 1
Sunset Leucadia Lagoon1sunrays
Sunset at Oahu Marina, Oahu, Hawaii
Sunrise Hotel Del2 2016-10-31
Sunset Joshua Tree 2017-8-21
Sunset1 Fairway17, LSFCC
Sunset at Joshua Tree National Park
Sunrise Hotel Del4 2016-10-31
Sunset near Kona, Hawaii
Sunset LSFCC2 2016-09-07
Jumbo Rocks Sorm Rays1
Sunrise Hotel Del1 2016-10-31
Sunset Mono Lake 12-13-17 3
Sunset Joshua Tree 10-3-16
Sunset2 Fairway 17, LSFCC
Sunrise at Mono Lake with tufa tower
Sunrise at San Elijo Lagoon
Sunset Seascape at Del Mar
Sunset at Oahu Marina, Hawaii
Sunset at Swamis Beach
Sunset at Fletcher Cove
Sunset near Kona, Hawaii
Sunrise at Mono Lake with tufa tower
Sunset over the Minarets, Sierras
Sunset at Del Mar Dog Beach
Sunset3 Fairway 17, LSFCC
Sunrise at San Elijo Lagoon
Sunset Joshua Tree2 10-3-16
Sunrise at Mono Lake with tufa tower
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